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Cardboard packaging

Cardboard packaging

Packaging for food industry

Ambalaža za prehrambenu industriju

The most common type of packaging is a cardboard box. It comes in various shapes and sizes, from cereal boxes to boxes for frozen food.


Packaging for confectionary industry

Ambalaža za konditorsku industriju

The packaging for chocolate products has a clear role to differentiate from the competition and attract the buyer’s attention.


Packaging for cosmetic industry

Ambalaža za kozmetičku industriju

For products promoting health and beauty, you can be sure that packaging has a crucial role in distinguishing your products from the competition and attracting attention of end buyers.


Packaging for tobacco industry

Ambalaža za duhansku industriju

500 packs per minute is the capacity of a machine for packaging tobacco products in cardboard packing.s


Packaging for pharmaceutical industry

Ambalaža za farmaceutsku industriju

The packaging for the pharmaceutical industry is treated according to specific standards of individual clients.


Packaging for crystal industry

Ambalaža za industriju kristala

The key factor in selection of packaging in the crystal industry is product safety. Takva kutija mora biti maksimalno sigurna i obično je izrađena od kaširane valovite ljepenke.


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Packaging functions

  • protection
  • storage and transport
  • appearance
  • information
  • security