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Social responsibility

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New factories in Kanfanar

Environment protection according to the strictest EU rules and sustainable development strategy.

Istragrafika promotes sustainable growth and development in addition to protection and increase of potentials for utilization of all resources. Responsible and sustainable growth is of great importance for the environment and the social community.

Therefore, we particularly invest in sustainable manufacture growth while at the same time meeting economic, social and aesthetic requirements without endangering the natural or cultural and historical heritage.

Ensuring quality and environment protection

Even before the solemn award of the certificates for managing processes related to the environment in accordance with ISO14001:2008 standard, Istragrafika demonstrated a highly pronounced environmental awareness. After receiving the certificates and moving to the new location, this awareness has increased additionally and Istragrafika managed to successfully combine two, at first sight, incompatible things: the industry and the country.


Istragrafika ISO certificates

Istragrafika ISO certificates: ISO 9001, ISO14001 and ISO 12647-2


Quality and environmental management policies

Quality and environmental management are part of our business strategy while customer satisfaction is the core of our business policy...