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Istragrafika ISO certificates: ISO 9001, ISO14001 and ISO 12647-2

ISO 9001

Istragrafika meets all requirements of the Croatian standard HRN EN ISO 9001:2009 stating all requirements for a quality management system.

The requirements of the quality management system set forth by this standard supplement product requirements. The standard can be used by both internal and external parties, including certification bodies for the purpose of evaluating the capacities of the organization to meet the customer’s demands, legal and prescribed requirements applicable to the products and the requirements of the organization itself. The principles of quality management set forth in standards HRN EN ISO 9000 and HRN EN ISO 9004 have been taken into consideration in developing this standard.

  • Original Approval: 4th September 1998
  • Current Certificate: 4th July 2010
  • Certificate Expiry: 4th July 2013

ISO 14001

Yet another standard the requirements of which have been met by Istragrafika is HRN EN ISO 14001:2009.

ISO 14001 states requirements for environmental management which enable the organization to develop and apply policies and goals which take into account legal and other requirements that the organization committed itself to as well as information on important environmental issues. This refers to those environmental aspects that the organization can monitor as well as those which it can affect.

  • Original Approval: 6th July 2004
  • Current Certificate: 4th July 2010
  • Certificate Expiry: 4th July 2013

Resource: www.hzn.hr/priopcenja.html

ISO 12647-2 (standardization of six-colour printing)