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Color Management - User Guide

Standardization of color values and calibrating devices

Phase One

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ColorSync in MAC OS X


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SWOP, Proofing and Color Management Trends in the New Millennium

John Sweeney, Graphics Microsystems, Inc.

Digital Ad Lab – London January 22, 2002

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International Color Consortium

This specification describes the International Color Consortium® profile format. The intent of this format is to provide a cross-platform device profile format. Such device profiles can be used to translate color data created on one device into another device’s native color space.

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Information on Profiles

Device profiles provide color management systems with the information necessary to convert color data between native device color spaces and device independent color spaces. The specification divides color devices into three broad classifications: input devices, display devices and output devices.

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Why color management

Introduction to Color Management; Basics of Conversions; Color workflow issues; Conversion Glitches; Where do things go wrong?; A user’s perspective - Some thoughts on a better way


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ICC color management for print production

About the ICC; ICC color management concepts; Creating ICC profiles; Using ICC profiles; Defining an ICC-based workflow

TAGA Annual Technical Conference 2002

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CTP in the Digital Workflow

Save time, automate the workflow and increase the quality.

Rosemarie Monaco

Prepress Columnist, Newspapers & Technology

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Color Rendering, Printing, Scanning

Informations in this documentt concern the necessary number of pixels for scanning, which is related to the printing process.

Gernot Hoffmann

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Vrste kartona za kutije

Kod vrsta kartona za složive kutije razlikujemo kartone od primarnih vlakana i kartone od sekundarnih vlakana. Druga podjela vrsta kartona za složive kutije predviđa: kromirani karton, patinirani i nepatinirani karton za složive kutije.

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Important Parameters for Paper and Paperboard

Tehnical Notes

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